Collection: Mango Wood Furniture

Mango trees... the trees that keep on giving.

Mango wood (Mangifera Indica) is the new bamboo! A sustainable and environmentally friendly source of timber. It is now increasingly appreciated for its lovely, rich grain. Mango wood is hard and strong wood, which is particularly good for building furniture.

Best known for the delicious fruits they produce, the mango tree grows 20m to 30m tall. However, once the tree is fully grown it decreases the rate at which it produces fruit, prompting mango farmers to cut down the mature trees and replace them with young saplings.


In the past, getting rid of these cut-down trees was seen as a burden by the farmers, as they would have to burn or discard them. Nowadays, the farmers are able to capitalise on the tree's value as a beautiful sustainable hardwood.

"Mango trees are a fast-growing and sustainable source of timber -- once they stop bearing its sweet delicious fruit."

At, we love furniture built using this amazing timber. With sustainability becoming a bigger issue everyday in the logging industry, we are proud to be bringing you furniture made from mango wood, wood that has already lived a productive life.