23 Feb

Unless you have been living under a rock (and lets face it with the whole covid thing going on we don't blame you if you have been) you should have noticed that rattan, wicker, cane, whatever you want to call it, furniture is back in a big way. And here at Brisbane Furniture we are totally here for it.

This super versatile product has been revamped and brought into 2022 with a fresh new vibe. Gone is the fussy cane weaving, pinstripe cushions and heavy rolled armrests of 90's cane furniture. Rattan furniture in 2022 features a light and airy construction, crisp white upholstery and organic modern lines, evoking a feeling of a stylish island resort. Be sure to check out our collection of rattan resort style furniture HERE.

If you are loving this new look rattan furniture, then read on to learn a little more about where it can from and where its heading.

What is Rattan/Cane/Wicker?

Have you been wondering what is the difference between rattan, cane and wicker? Well here is a brief rundown.

Rattan is a type of palm with over 600 species, found predominantly in South East Asia, Africa and Australasia. Unlike palm trees that we see around QLD the rattan palm has a vine like nature, climbing in the undergrowth of the rainforest. 

The rattan palm is harvested, and the outer paper like bark removed. The stems are then left to dry in the sun. Once dried, seasoned and graded these stems become the cylindrical structure used in the creation of rattan furniture.

Cane is actually the paper like bark layer that is removed from the rattan stalks. This thin product is then sliced into strips perfect for creating woven products such as seat and chair backs or cupboard door inlays.

The term Wicker a refers to the process of weaving materials, such as rattan and cane, into a finished product. Therefore the term wicker can refer to a broader range of products constructed of various materials.

A History of Wicker Furniture

The creation of wicker can be traced as far back as the Ancient Egyptians who used reeds growing on the side of the Nile to weave into wicker baskets. While intricately woven wicker furniture was reserved for the elite class.

The use of rattan and cane in wicker furniture is a little harder to trace, however it is thought to have appeared in China in the 15th Century. The use of rattan and cane continued to grow in appeal as a light weight, strong and durable material predominantly used in chair seats and backs, storage, luggage and decorative woven pieces.

It was not until the mid 1800's that an American business man names Cyrus Wakefield unlocked the full potential of using rattan as the structural element in furniture. He build an entire industry out of crafting rattan and cane furniture which was the origin of the rattan furniture we see today.

So every piece of wicker furniture we see today is a result of thousands of years of innovation and history.

Kubu Rattan

Kubu rattan is a particular species of rattan that when dried becomes a light beige colour. After drying, the rattan is then stained with mud to achieve the unique grey brown colour known as Kubu Grey.

Kubu rattan is commonly associated with a tightly woven enclosed base chair style, like our Kubu Chair, however this type of rattan can be used for many other furniture styles.

The Future of Rattan

While rattan furniture never really left us, it was relegated to the patio. Now with a new look and a modern make over rattan has definitely cemented its location in every room of the house, creating a light and breezy atmosphere perfect for our South East Queensland location.

We expect to see interesting new shapes and styles emerge, including new and original uses of the rattan structure together with the integration of other finishes such as glass or stone. New colour variations are sure to appear either through natural stains, like Kubu, or paint finishes. 

Here at Brisbane Furniture we are excited to see the continued evolution of the versatile product and to see our Brisbane customers enjoying their new rattan furniture.

Welcomes to 2022!

Posted by Marisha Cox
11 Jan

Here at Brisbane Furniture we are excited to start 2022 with a whole host of exciting new things happening! Not only are we receiving a whole host of brand new fabulous products but we have a new display space coming!

So check out below all our new furniture and keep an eye out on our socials for up dates on our new display space.

Breeze Range

Ok so the Breeze Range actually came out in late 2021, but we love it so we are giving it an extra plug! For anyone looking for the relaxed resort lifestyle then this is the range for you. With a range of pieces available you can deck out any room of the house.

If you love this vibe make sure you keep an eye out for new pieces arriving soon.



Parisienne Dining

We are very excited about the arrival of our new Parisienne dining table. The new 1500 version of one of our most popular tables is sure to be a hit. Comfortably seating up to eight people this elegant table will be a great solution for a family home.



Byron Bar Range

The perfect table for small apartment living or a tight dining room space the Byron Bay Suite is small on size but big on style. Featuring stylish and simple curved legs this modern dining setting is sure to fly off the shelves.



Plantation Extension table

Our plantation range also has a new table arriving and boy it is a big one! Constructed entirely of recycled pine this extension table seats up to 12 people in style. Seating 8 people in its closed position with additional extensions to suit either 10 or 12 people this will be our most versatile suite for those whole love to entertain.

 We hope one of our new ranges is exactly what you are looking for!

The Festive Season

Posted by Marisha Cox
07 Dec

Can you believe it is Christmas already! What a roller coaster the last 2 years have been thanks to a little thing called Covid. So here at Brisbane Furniture we think its time to celebrate with some festive styling. Check out below our top styling tips to suit our favourite furniture ranges.

Hamptons Holidays

Inspired by a cooler Christmas climate of the northern hemisphere and the perfect to compliment our Walton range, this Hampton's Style festive styling features lots of white and gold for that clean crisp sophisticated look with just a touch of rattan for warmth. 

Rustic Tidings

A traditional aussie bush Christmas with rustic charm is the 'go to' Christmas styling for our Territory, Brumby & Stockade ranges. Traditional red, green and gold styling with touches or gingham and rusty ornaments bring a rich rustic vibe to these traditional furniture styles.


A Costal Christmas

Featuring splashes of pale aqua and natural drift wood, this bright and breezy combination looks perfect with our Seaside and Lighthouse ranges. Evoking a relaxed vibe 'A Costal Christmas' is a favourite for all our Gold Coast and Island Customers.

Eco Festive

With a focus on environmental sustainability our Plantation range, teamed up with some fabulous eco friendly Christmas styling can have us doing our bit over the festive season. Bring to life some rough branches and driftwood, pinecones, recycled paper and natural string to create this magical eco friendly Christmas style.

Here at Brisbane Furniture we hope you have a fantastic festive season and we look forward to providing you with all your furniture needs in 2022!

The Recycled Pine Story

Posted by Marisha Cox
25 Nov

Here at Brisbane Furniture supplying the best quality furniture also means providing furniture that is best for the environment and that's why we love our Plantation and Pursuit ranges. Made from recycled pine this furniture not only looks amazing but is completely sustainably sourced.

"So where does this recycled pine come from?" I hear you ask. Well here is a little back ground on our recycled pine furniture.

The recycled pine used to create our furniture is sources from old wooden houses, set to be demolished, in china. These house are completely disassembled piece by pieces and the timber collected in storage yards for repurposing.

Upon reaching the factory the timber undergoes a fumigation process to ensure no unwanted pests remain, before being cut to size and crafted into furniture.

And this brings us to the part we love the most about the recycled timber process. Because of the nature of the timber collected each and every pieces is full of character and history bring and rich and unique look to each and every pieces of furniture.

By endorsing sustainable utilization of resources within our furniture we are able to protect the environment as well as provide a completely unique pieces of furniture to each customer. If you love the idea of recycled timber furniture then be sure to check out our Plantation and Purist Ranges for the complete collection.



12 Oct

Dreaming of a costal getaway at a beachside resort? Why not bring that relaxed vibe into your own home with our new range of rattan furniture, The Breeze Range.


This gorgeous new range includes pieces to transform every room of the home including stunning pieces for the living, dining, lounge and bedrooms.

Our book shelves, console and buffet provide the perfect storage solution, mixing practicality with our signature decorative cane detailing.


Create a relaxed lounging experience with our occasional chairs and coffee table. Our chairs come complete with luxurious plump cushions.

In the bedroom add some dried florals to your bedside and a macramé wall hanging for a totally chilled bohemian style.
With stock arriving in November this fabulous range is sure to be snapped up quickly! If you love the look of our newest range then check out the entire range HERE and get your order in to make sure you don't miss out.






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