What to Consider When Buying a Tallboy

What to Consider When Buying a Tallboy

When furnishing a bedroom, a tallboy can be a very practical and space-saving piece of furniture. Also known as a chest of drawers or a highboy, a tallboy provides ample storage in a relatively small footprint. But there are a few key factors to consider when choosing the right tallboy for your space.

Size Considerations The first thing to think about is the dimensions of the tallboy and how it will fit in your bedroom. Tallboys can range anywhere from about 920mm to 1270mm in height, so measure the available space carefully to make sure you get one that fits. You'll also want to consider the width and depth - a narrower tallboy may be better for a small room, while a wider one can provide more storage in a larger space.

Number of Drawers Tallboys typically have between 4 and 8 drawers, giving you plenty of space to store clothing, linens, or other household items. Think about how much storage you need and choose accordingly. More drawers means more space, but also a taller and potentially bulkier piece of furniture.

Height and Usability One of the advantages of a tallboy is that the top can double as a work surface or vanity. If you plan to use it this way, make sure the height is comfortable for you to access.

Color and Style Tallboys come in a wide range of colours and finishes, from classic wood tones to bold painted options. Consider how the tallboy will coordinate with your existing bedroom decor. You can find traditional styles as well as more modern, minimalist designs.

Overall, a tallboy can be a very versatile and functional piece of bedroom furniture. By carefully considering the size, drawer configuration, height, and style, you can find the perfect tallboy to meet your storage and workspace needs.

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