22 Sep

With the years biggest weekend of footy coming up and Queensland dominating the Rugby League what better reason to pull on your jersey and have your mates over for a Footy Finals celebration.

Here are our tips to make sure you’re supporting our Brisbane boys in style.

  1. Obviously the TV is going to be the focus of the day. Make sure its looking slick and uncluttered so that you can concentration on the game at hand.
    Brisbane Broncos TV Cabinet
  2. Comfortable seating with a good view of the TV is essential. Where talking at least a 2 hour telecast here, we can’t have you or your guest sitting in stuffy dining chairs, so if your lounge chair is not big enough, grab some of these Bronco’s bean bags and you’ll have room for everyone.
    Note: Bean bags are not conducive to jumping to your feet therefore we do not recommend for the enthusiastic cheerers in the group.
    Brisbane Broncos Beanbag
  3. The game is important but let’s face it the snacks come a close second, be sure to stock up on your favourite treats, maybe some half time party pies are in order? We’d keep these cupcakes for full time celebrations!!
    Brisbane Broncos Cupcakes
  4. Surely all loyal brisbanites will have a few of these lying around. Time to dig out your trusty Bronco’s stubby coolers to keep your drinks icy cold. Cowboy’s and Storm stubby coolers may be acceptable as an absolute last resort.
    Brisbane Broncos Stubby Holders
  5. That’s the viewing and the catering covered that just leaves the decorations. Some maroon and gold bunting and balloons should do the job, but if you want to go all out some Bronco’s throw cushions and coasters will really take things to the next level.

Now your set to watch the game is style, so sit back, relax and cheer on our Broncos to another wining season!

Spring Inspiration

Posted by Marisha Cox in decorating
13 Sep

Can you believe it is spring already! And now is the perfect time to capture that fresh spring atmosphere in your home.

2017 spring trends are all about using the very ‘on point’ light grey linen mixed with a pop of feature colour. Simple low furniture pieces keep things clean and simple and natural light is an absolute must.

To create this season’s spring look our Scandinavian Range is a perfect starting point. This stunning solid timber range is simple and sleek with a touch of elegance, with pieces suitable for the living, dining and even the bedroom.

Here’s your guide to creating this designer look in your home.

The Living Room

Our Scandinavian Coffee Table teamed up with a low slung lounge in grey linen is a perfect starting point for this space. Add some accent colour with feature cushions and add a rug to create warmth.

Keep things simple in the storage department with our Scandinavian Entertainment Unit and for the tech savvy go with a wall mounted TV.


The Dining Room

The Scandinavian Dining Suite is an obvious choice, the solid timber and upholstered chairs are sleek and comfortable with a dark grey upholstery to keep them looking good. Lets face it we all have those family members that can’t keep their food on their plate!

If your need some extra storage space our Scandinavian Buffet completes the look while providing versatile storage.


The Bedroom

Extend this homely theme into your bedroom using our Scandinavian End Tables as bedsides. Some fluffy new linens and a mattress topper can give your bed a new lease on life and add some cosy warmth to your personal space.

Make sure you have plenty of natural light throughout all your spaces to enjoy our beautiful Queensland sunshine. Add some sheer curtains for privacy and you are well on your way to creating this spring designer look in your home.

Cosy Country Styling

Posted by Marisha Cox in decorating
29 Aug

The Ekka is all finished for the year, but you just haven’t got enough of that country atmosphere? Well our Stockade Range is the perfect way to bring some country air into your home all year round.

Team our Stockade Buffet with a rustic mirror or some homely wall decor for an authentic farmhouse addition to your kitchen.

 Country Buffet, Brisbane Furniture Country Mirror, Brisbane Furniture Country Furniture, Brisbane

Get away from technology by pairing a simple fluffy doona with our bedroom suite to bring some cosy country warmth into your bedroom.

 Country Bedroom Suite, Brisbane Furniture

Complete the country look with some rustic coat hooks at the front door for a useful decorative addition.

Country coat hooks, Brisbane Furniture Country Coat Hooks, Brisbane Furniture

07 Jul

Dominated by clean whites and refreshing soft colours, Hamptons interior home styling is both timeless and incredibly chic.

If you’re a fan of the Hamptons style of decorating, you’re probably well aware of the casual elegance, which makes up this timeless look. The style infuses American, English and French influences seamlessly weaving together solid timber furniture with charming rustic influences.

The styling is personified by simple light coloured linen-covered furniture and light white painted timbers that perfectly compliment wicker, cane or wood to offer a casual and relaxed decor that is timeless and sophisticated.

Originating from the beachside holiday location north of New York, the style was traditionally favoured by wealthy holiday home owners and now is a tremendously popular style that incorporates a range of furniture including tables, chairs, decorating accessories and soft furnishings.

Hamptons Style Furniture, Brisbane

So how can you decorate your home to incorporate this popular style?

Hamptons styling can be incorporated across the home, from walls to floors, to furniture and even lighting. The style has a relaxed feel and offers a wide range of options that can be tailored to meet the day-to-day needs of the family home.

Interested in creating a Hampton’s look? We’ve outlined a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction:

Get fresh with white walls
Give your interior walls a paint with plain white to fit the Hamptons look or install tongue and groove panelling for that slightly nautical style. The white will provide the perfect start to your interior design and offer a clean and fresh base as you start adding to your decor.
Compliment white walls with colour
Once the white walls have been painted, start your colour palette for soft furnishings and consider neutrals, sandy creams, bleached timber tones and warm blues. The simpler the better for this style, so find a few firm favourites in the paint department and work around a few basic colours to create the perfect colour scheme for your home.     
Lay timber floors to create the nautical look
Whether you’re using timber floors or recreating with a wood-look vinyl, adding in a flooring solution that channels the light, airy Hamptons feel provides an attractive base for your furniture and decor. Where possible, add in light rugs that add a warm and inviting element to your floor coverings.
Choose Hamptons-style furniture that suits your family
Now for the fun part, now that you have your base of walls and floors, you can start adding in your favourite Hamptons style furniture pieces. Cushions, chairs, shelving, beds, bookcases, buffets, entertainment units and ornaments all add a unique style to your home and can make your Hamptons look truly unique to your family.
Brisbane Furniture offers a wide range of options for Hamptons style decor from the Walton Dining Table as a firm Hamptons staple, right through to the Lighthouse Living Room Set.
Add in stylish lighting to complete the look
Last, but not least, add in a variety of lamps and lighting to compliment the Hamptons style to optimise the look. Lamps and lights wrapped in natural fabrics or a stylish pendant light can illuminate the home and offer a warm and inviting look that accents the furniture, flooring and colour scheme of the Hamptons style.


Keep in mind to start with the large pieces of your styling puzzle first, so your chic and sophisticated beachside look emulates the Long Island style you’re looking to create.

Whether you’re looking to create classic Hamptons style or seeking a cool beach decor, a style based around the Hamptons is the perfect choice for a functional and fresh family home.

For more information and ideas for stylish Hamptons style furniture, speak with the team from Brisbane Furniture and view the extensive range of Hamptons style furniture options via the website or visit the warehouse in Hemmant to view the range of furniture on offer.

Decorating - On A Budget

Posted by Deryn Cox in decorating
18 Dec

When putting new furniture into a room, it is nice to be able to redecorate to match with the furniture. This does not have to be expensive, especially if the goal is to enhance the look of beautiful furniture that already draws focus in the room. Candles are always popular, but can be expensive. However, you can buy bulk packets of plain tea lights from stores such as Target and Kmart and these can be just as effective. You can use them to line bench tops and fill gaps to light up the dark spaces of the room. Mirrors used in conjunction with the tea lights can make the space more dynamic and interesting; hang mirrors behind some of the tea lights to reflect the light. Kmart is great for basic ornaments, paintings, frames, and plants. Most of their items are in basic colours that can fit in with almost any type of space, and are perfect for filling out a room. If you do not have a lot of space, it can be best to have just one main focus piece, such as a painting or sculpture, keeping everything else simple. This means you are able to spend more on the one piece you love. Lastly, when decorating on a budget, avoid fake flowers as it is very difficult to get ones that are realistic without have to spend a disproportionate amount. Rather, pay for small real plants with lots of colour. Plants such as succulents with last forever, and will make it worth the money.