Making Your Living Room FOOTY FINALS Ready!!

Making Your Living Room FOOTY FINALS Ready!!

With the years biggest weekend of footy coming up and Queensland dominating the Rugby League what better reason to pull on your jersey and have your mates over for a Footy Finals celebration.

Here are our tips to make sure you’re supporting our Brisbane boys in style.

  1. Obviously the TV is going to be the focus of the day. Make sure its looking slick and uncluttered so that you can concentration on the game at hand.
    Brisbane Broncos TV Cabinet
  2. Comfortable seating with a good view of the TV is essential. Where talking at least a 2 hour telecast here, we can’t have you or your guest sitting in stuffy dining chairs, so if your lounge chair is not big enough, grab some of these Bronco’s bean bags and you’ll have room for everyone.
    Note: Bean bags are not conducive to jumping to your feet therefore we do not recommend for the enthusiastic cheerers in the group.
    Brisbane Broncos Beanbag
  3. The game is important but let’s face it the snacks come a close second, be sure to stock up on your favourite treats, maybe some half time party pies are in order? We’d keep these cupcakes for full time celebrations!!
    Brisbane Broncos Cupcakes
  4. Surely all loyal brisbanites will have a few of these lying around. Time to dig out your trusty Bronco’s stubby coolers to keep your drinks icy cold. Cowboy’s and Storm stubby coolers may be acceptable as an absolute last resort.
    Brisbane Broncos Stubby Holders
  5. That’s the viewing and the catering covered that just leaves the decorations. Some maroon and gold bunting and balloons should do the job, but if you want to go all out some Bronco’s throw cushions and coasters will really take things to the next level.

Now your set to watch the game is style, so sit back, relax and cheer on our Broncos to another wining season!

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