Decorating - On A Budget

When putting new furniture into a room, it is nice to be able to redecorate to match with the furniture. This does not have to be expensive, especially if the goal is to enhance the look of beautiful furniture that already draws focus in the room. Candles are always popular, but can be expensive. However, you can buy bulk packets of plain tea lights from stores such as Target and Kmart and these can be just as effective. You can use them to line bench tops and fill gaps to light up the dark spaces of the room. Mirrors used in conjunction with the tea lights can make the space more dynamic and interesting; hang mirrors behind some of the tea lights to reflect the light. Kmart is great for basic ornaments, paintings, frames, and plants. Most of their items are in basic colours that can fit in with almost any type of space, and are perfect for filling out a room. If you do not have a lot of space, it can be best to have just one main focus piece, such as a painting or sculpture, keeping everything else simple. This means you are able to spend more on the one piece you love. Lastly, when decorating on a budget, avoid fake flowers as it is very difficult to get ones that are realistic without have to spend a disproportionate amount. Rather, pay for small real plants with lots of colour. Plants such as succulents with last forever, and will make it worth the money.

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