Sustainable Furniture - Forests For Our Future Generations

Sustainability is a topic most commonly associated with major industry but have you ever stopped to consider how your timber furniture might have impacted on the worlds forests?

“Illegal logging is the lead cause of degradation of the worlds forests”

With countries such as Peru and Myanmar having a staggering 80% of logging carried out illegally. This includes logging in protected areas and of protected species and logging significantly higher than the sustainable rate.

Luckily here in Australia we have strong policies regarding logging in our nation as well as the importing of timber and timber products, however sometimes this illegal timber can sneak through our safe guards and onto our shelves.

To ensure you are protecting our forests for future generations and buying timber furniture from sustainable sources here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind.

Recycled Timber Repurposed Timber Plantation Timber

  • Reused, recycled or upcycled timber is your number one option. Not only does it provide fantastic character to your furniture, reusing existing timber such as railway sleepers or demolished building material ensures you are making a sustainable choice. This timber has already provided its traditional life cycle and every piece of reused timber means one less tree is cut down.

  • Timber with a previous purpose is also a great choice. Timbers such as mango wood and rubber wood have already fulfilled a life cycle as bearing trees. Traditionally these trees would be disposed of at the end of their bearing years however these timbers are becoming increasingly popular in furniture design providing a great sustainable solution.

  • Plantation timbers are also a safer choice for timber furniture. Radiata pine and Acacia wood have all been sustainably farmed for many decades with plantations maintaining strict replanting schedules to ensure sustainable growth is maintained.

With these simple tips in mind you can ensure your making the best possible choice for the environment as well as your home when selecting your timber furniture and timber products.

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