Collection: Rubber Wood Furniture

Originally a native of Brazil, since the late 1900's rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis) have been cultivated in large plantations in South East Asia for the production of latex (natural rubber), with the three biggest producers of rubber in the world being Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.


The rubber tree produces latex from approx 5 years of age through to 25 years when its production greatly reduces making it less useful to the farmers. The plantations are subsequently cut down and replanted with the lumber becoming an environmentally friendly and affordable source of timber for the furniture and manufacturing industry.

Rubber wood is known for its straight grain and creamy straw to light brown colouring which can include a slight hint of pink. With minimal shrinkage as the timber dries rubber wood provides a very stable construction material. It's stability together with its exceptional staining qualities makes rubber wood ideal for uses such as furniture production, wooden toys and kitchen accessories.