Interstate Delivery

We are just a small local Brisbane furniture store and do not offer delivery outside of where our own delivery van travels.

We don’t book interstate transport. Firstly because it’s so expensive for bulky items like furniture, that usually turn people off from going ahead with it. And secondly, because of the relatively high rate of transport damage that occurs, which we have no interest in being responsible for.

We do sell some unique furniture that you can’t find anywhere else in Australia, because of that we have had some people interstate plead for us to let them purchase. So nowadays we do allow interstate customers to purchase, but the only shipping option available is local pickup. Please note, by doing this you are taking on some degree of risk, these orders are treated by us as a pickup. If there is any transport damage that is between you and your transport company to sort out. If there is a defect in the furniture, which does occasionally happen in timber furniture, it is up to you to get it back to the warehouse if you would like a replacement or refund.