The Recycled Pine Story

The Recycled Pine Story

Here at Brisbane Furniture supplying the best quality furniture also means providing furniture that is best for the environment and that's why we love our Plantation and Pursuit ranges. Made from recycled pine this furniture not only looks amazing but is completely sustainably sourced.

"So where does this recycled pine come from?" I hear you ask. Well here is a little back ground on our recycled pine furniture.

The recycled pine used to create our furniture is sources from old wooden houses, set to be demolished, in china. These house are completely disassembled piece by pieces and the timber collected in storage yards for repurposing.

Upon reaching the factory the timber undergoes a fumigation process to ensure no unwanted pests remain, before being cut to size and crafted into furniture.

And this brings us to the part we love the most about the recycled timber process. Because of the nature of the timber collected each and every pieces is full of character and history bring and rich and unique look to each and every pieces of furniture.

By endorsing sustainable utilization of resources within our furniture we are able to protect the environment as well as provide a completely unique pieces of furniture to each customer. If you love the idea of recycled timber furniture then be sure to check out our Plantation and Purist Ranges for the complete collection.



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