Styling with Colour - How to add colour to create interest in the home

Styling with Colour - How to add colour to create interest in the home

Are you sick of the same old neutral toned décor in your home? Looking to get a little bit of colour in your life? When investing in quality furniture we often want to play it safe and stick to the neutral tones but with some simple inexpensive pieces you can breath a new life into your home.

Accent Furniture 

A bold coloured accent chair is our favourite solution to make a real statement in a room. Choose a stand alone colour like the bold yellow in the image below to create a monochromatic colour scheme or use your accent chair to craft a complete colour palette for your room like the stunning teal arm chair.


Check out our range of accent furniture including our coloured velvet Scoop Back Chairs and coloured french inspired furniture in our Belle Range.



With canvas art now readily available in décor stores and online, adding a splash of colour to your walls could not be easier. With nothing more than some picture hooks and a hammer you can transform a room. Abstract art is a simple way to add vibrant colours to a neutrals space, and with all shapes and sizes available you are sure to find something the perfect size for your space



Decor and Styling

And last but not least the most versatile and simplest option to add colour and style to your room is through décor and styling pieces. Available in abundance decor pieces can include cushions, throws, books, vases, candles, clocks and many other bits and pieces (just think of the interior section of your local Kmart!). Choose a single colour or put together a palette of your favourites to create just the style you are looking for.

At a relatively in expensive price you can afford to trial different colours to see which ones work in your space and which ones don't. And as colours and styles come in and out of fashion or you decide you need a refresh, just swap out a few bits and pieces and you have a whole new room.



     We hope you love these tip for adding some colour and style to your home.

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