Selecting the Right Entertainment Unit for Your Space

Selecting the Right Entertainment Unit for Your Space

Are you in the market for a new entertainment unit and finding it hard to decide on the right size to suit your TV screen and living space? Here are our pro tips for selecting the perfect Entertainment unit.

1. TV Screen and Entertainment Unit Size

If you have ever purchased a new TV you will know TV's are measured diagonally across the screen, so a 50" TV is actually only 43.6" wide. So when selecting the perfect entertainment unit for your TV it is important to know the actual width of your TV.

Here is a handy guide for the width of some standard TV sizes.

Screen size Width Length
40" 88.6 cm 49.8 cm
50" 110.7 cm  62.2 cm
55" 121.7 cm 68.6 cm
60" 132.8 cm 74.7 cm
65" 144.0 cm 81.0 cm
70" 154.9 cm 87.1 cm


Once you have established the width of your TV, then it is time to decide on the size of your entertainment unit. 

We would always recommend that your entertainment unit is a minimum of 20cm larger than the width of your TV, this gives you a comfortable 10cm clear space on either side of the screen. This same rule applies whether you are planning a stand mounted or wall mounted TV screen.

2. Lounge Room Space and Entertainment Unit Size

Now you know the minimum size of your Entertainment Unit it is time to look around your lounge room to determine how big a unit you can go with. 

If your in a small unit or townhouse then you will want to go with a compact option however if you have a little more room then the choice is yours. A small unit can give you a sleek modern look and the ability to include additional furniture pieces. Larger units included additional storage and display space which might be everything you need. 

3. Matching your Decor Style

With Entertainment Units available in every shape, size and style its time to decide are you going to chose a style that matches in with all of your existing furniture or perhaps chose something fresh and new to spruce up your space. Either way we are sure to have a great option to match your decor style, be sure to check our selection of Entertainment Units HERE.

4. Technology and Additional storage

Wireless technology now plays a huge part in our entertainment and viewing experience. While the days of the VCR are long gone, for the time being most of us still need a few gadgets, whether that be a DVD player, Foxtel Box or another entertainment feature. 

So of course all of our entertainment units come with storage and cable solutions, from open shelves to hidden cupboards for that slick modern look. Plus additional storage is on hand for all those extra loungeroom bits and pieces.

5. The Awkward Corner

Is your lounge room a bit of an awkward shape and the only space for a TV is in the corner, unfortunately your options are more limited, but rest assured there are specifically designed corner Entertainment Units available.

Check out out Corner Entertainment Unit HERE.

6. The Bedroom TV

Are you a bedroom TV junky? If so then we have the perfect solution for you as well. The Bedroom Entertainment Unit which provides the perfect combination of TV height, unit size and storage space.


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