Living The Gold Coast Lifestyle

Are you feeling flat after returning home from a great weekend at the Gold Coast 600? The rain was a bit of a bummer but even it can't ruin the easy relaxed gold coast atmosphere that we all love. Did all the rain have you spending a bit more time in the apartment and decide you love that Gold Coast style? Here are our tips to help you create this relaxed style in your own home all year round.

Natural Light

You might not have the same spectacular views but allowing plenty of natural light in your home helps to create a relaxed and breezy atmosphere. If you don't have the benefit of floor to ceiling glazing, using light and white coloured finishes and furniture will help improve the natural light by reflecting the light around the room.

No fuss and clutter

Gold Coast apartments have perfected the simple, no fuss decor style. Minimal furniture that doesn't crowd the space with a few sleek statement pieces keep the space looking sophisticated but clutter free. Plus this minimal style makes it super easy to keep the place looking neat and tidy.

Costal prints

With so many fantastic artists on the Gold Coast finding some gorgeous costal style artwork is easy, with a variety of mediums including photography, prints and original paintings you are sure to find something to complement your space at a budget you can afford.

Grey, blue and beige colour scheme

To add some homely touches you can't go wrong with the traditional Gold Coast colour scheme of grey, blue and beige. Some bold striped or patterned cushions add some flair to the neutral colour palette and a rug adds warmth without adding clutter to the space.

Use a few of these simple tricks to freshen up your place and enjoy that relaxed Gold Coast lifestyle all year round.

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