Celebrating Different Coloured Timber Furniture

We all love beautiful timber furniture but who can afford to deck out the house in one go? We're not talking about IKEA furniture here! And no matter how hard you try, you can never match those timber colours down the track. Well luckily for you mixing and matching your timber furniture is not as difficult as you might think.

In fact, according to apartmenttherapy.com "match-y match-y floors and furniture look staid and flat" and are a thing of the past, so your set of random timber piece could be the start of a stylish, contemporary timber furniture collection.

Now you have finished rejoicing about this fantastic news there are a few guidelines to make sure all your pieces are looking great together.

Keep to one timber tone.

You want to stay with either warm or cool timber tones throughout your pieces. So if you already have a few pieces with warm undertones then make sure you stay with warm timbers. If you have some of the natural grey timbers then stay with the cool tone when looking for new additions.

 A white accent colour works with both the warm and cool options and adds a great contrast to the timber tones.


Use a max 3 colours per space.

Multiple colours is all good but you don't want to go overboard and have things looking 'bitsy'. Stick to maximum of three timber colours throughout to make sure everything is harmonious and working together.

Reinforce colours with accent pieces

To help reinforce the mixed timber look, use accent pieces such as mirrors, frames and décor pieces. With décor pieces more abundant on the market and with a wider selection of colours and finishes available you can spend a little more time sourcing the perfect piece to bring your furniture mix together. 


Balance the space

Make sure you set out your timber furniture to create balance in each space. You don't want to group all the dark pieces in one spot and lighter pieces in another, this will create a disjointed appearance. Distribute your different pieces throughout the space to provide a balanced appearance.

Theme your selections

If you're still a bit worried about making the right choice and need some extra direction then theming your space can make the process easier. If you already have a few rustic pieces then stay with this style of furniture. Industrial and Scandinavian furniture are other great styles to work with.

Themed furniture will usually have its own predetermined colours and tones so you can be more comfortable that everything will work well together.


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