Creating Impact with Your Entryway Styling

The entry space to your home provides the first impressions to your guest and sets the tone for the rest of your homes styling, but this can often be a difficult space to style and keep looking tidy. Check out our tips for creating a stylish and practical entry to your home.


Finding your Furniture Style.

When selecting furniture for your entry give consideration to the style of your home and the rest of your furniture pieces. It doesn't have to be a perfect match to your existing settings but try and maintain a similar style to the rest of your home. 

Create this rustic and homely look with our Plantation Console


Selecting the right scale for your space

Entry spaces can range in size from pokey little corridors through to grand open spaces so selecting a furniture piece of the correct scale to suit your space is essential.

For small spaces a simple narrow console table with open legs can provide a practical storage whilst maintaining and light and open feeling.

For a larger entry foyer a buffet style unit would be ideal. Widley available, buffet units are found in an array of different sizes and styles and provide the added benefit of increased storage.


Using mirrors to increase space

A great trick when styling your entry is to include a mirror in your styling. A large mirror creates the illusion of space and increases light. It is also the perfect location for a last minute check on your appearance before running out the door. 

Create this modern look with our Linear Console.

Creating a Practical Space

Lets face it the entryway can also be a dumping ground for shoes, bags, keys, hats and anything else you might have in your hand when you walk in the door so it is important to make sure this space is practical as well as stylish. 

Including practical solutions in your entry space design, such as wall mounted hooks, shoe racks and consoles with drawers or storage can provide both a practical and stylish solution.

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