Creating a Study Environment in Your Home

Creating a Study Environment in Your Home

Are your kids back in the swing of the school year and you’ve found yourself needing some new desk furniture at home due to the increased homework load? Here are some helpful hints on finding the best study and desk furniture for your home.

With so much schooling now going ‘computer based’ the traditional study desk has undergone a bit of a transformation. With less need for drawers and shelves to store pens, paper, books and the like, the traditional study desk is looking slicker than ever. With laptops and tablets being the device of choice for Brisbane schools, a small desk could be all you need.

The portable nature of laptops and tablets means study can now be performed in any room of the house, so a small nook can be transformed into a study space with a simple and stylish study desk.

For a shared study desk in a living room environment, our Linear Desk is the perfect compliment to a modern living setting with a small storage compartment and raised shelf for a lamp or stationary, it provides ample workspace in a compact contemporary unit. For a more traditional style home our Plantation Desk with 3 drawers provides a robust alternative.

For a bedroom study space where some long term storage of books and personal items would be ideal then a desk and shelving unit combination is a great and versatile option. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, from traditional bookcases to open shelving units you can select a size to suit your space and requirements. Team this up with a desk with drawers and you have a flexible configuration that can be rearranged to create a new bedroom study each year.

To see all of Brisbane Furniture's desk and study storage options head to our 'Home Office' page.

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